Buy Gold Safely: Face-to-Face!


We believe everyone should own gold and silver. But we encourage people to use best practices in both buying and selling precious metals.

Said differently, we encourage people to use common sense.

We just don’t think it’s a good idea to buy gold and silver from boiler room operators or to send your money somewhere across the country to a voice on the phone.  Even worse- to a place you know nothing about.

And then wait for weeks to get your gold.

You should be able to buy with confidence.  Face-to-face.  Getting your gold and silver right then for most of the commonly traded products.  On the spot upon receipt of good funds.  That’s how we do business.  Best practices.

Although we think everyone should own gold for many reasons including wealth preservations, financial privacy, and insurance against monetary crises, we know that sometimes people will want to sell their precious metals.  As we’ve said many times, making good old-fashioned profits are just one good reason to invest in gold and silver.  And there are life situations and opportunities that mean people will want to sell their precious metals in a safe and secure manner.  

Never wait! Same-day payments when selling are a standard at Republic Monetary Exchange

That’s why we offer same-day payment on most liquidations.  Even if you didn’t buy your gold and silver from us.  You don’t have to pack and box up your precious metals, go off to the post office or shipping service, buy special insurance, and send them someplace far away to someone you’ve never met, just a voice on the phone.

At RME, you’ll get the most competitive prices whether buying or selling.  And as a courtesy to our clients, we provide on-site security facilitated by the Phoenix Police Department.  Our officers provide round-the-clock surveillance, so customers can feel safe during all business transactions.  Best practices.

Call and make an appointment to see us.  And deal in person with a knowledgeable Republic Monetary Exchange precious metals expert.  

Buy and sell gold and silver face-to-face.  Safe.  Convenient.  Secure.  

Republic Monetary Exchange.  We’ve been here for a long time.