Reason #4,397 to Own Gold

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Reason #4,397 to Own Gold

They just never stop.  The people who want to control your life, your money, and your wealth, that is.

They never stop!

After watching the authorities destroy 96 percent of the purchasing power of the dollar, after watching all the bubbles they inflate that then pop in a spectacle of widespread disaster, one wonders what claim that should have on managing anybody’s affairs.  

It’s like watching the giants on Wall Street lined up with their tin cups in Washington begging for handouts from everyday Americans who didn’t speculate recklessly on toxic mortgage securities.  

And these are the financial institutions, the advisors, and geniuses we should trust with planning our affairs, our savings, investments, and retirement plans?  When they can’t even manage their own affairs?

Alright.  That’s enough ranting. 

But they never stop wanting to get their hands on your wealth.  

Here’s the latest.

Something called the Independent Commission for the Reform on International Corporate Taxation has jumped on board a proposal to launch a “global wealth registry” using blockchain technology

A proposed pilot program would require the registration and tracking of private assets in things like real estate, gold, and other financial assets in proposed amounts of $10,000 or more.

One of the targets of the program is “wealth inequality.”  And more efficient taxation.  

So virtually everything – stocks, real estate, savings accounts, checking – every conventional investment and form of wealth you own is already registered in on form or another with someone.

In fact only precious metal allow you to hold the world’s most time-tested monetary assets anonymously.  

We think that is a good thing, especially in an era of unrestrained snooping by governments and mega-corporations.

And that is reason #4,397 to own gold.

Speak with an RME associate today to find out how to maintain your privacy in an era of intrusion with gold and silver.  Simply call our office, (602) 955-6500, and you will be connected to one of our knowledgeable gold and silver professionals.

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