Smart Investors are Buying Silver. Shouldn’t You?


Many of our clients are buying silver.  

Today we’d like to share with you one reason they are doing so and why we think it is a very good idea right now for you, too!

Silver American Eagle Coin
Most popular silver bullion: The beautiful American Silver Eagles

It is because silver today is very inexpensive.

Many of our clients probably know that silver has been used as money around the world, in fact that it has served as money longer and in more places than gold itself.  And silver is always prized in a crisis.    

Our clients are also taking advantage of the growing silver demand in high-tech applications.  

But the message that we would like to impress upon you today is this:

About 40 years ago, at the beginning of 1980, silver was $50 an ounce.  

In today’s dollars – because the Federal Reserve has sharply eroded the purchasing power of the dollar – that would be more than $156.00!

Silver Canadian Maple Leaf
From north of the border comes the popular silver Canadian Maple Leaf

At today’s prices, silver would have to triple to reach $50 an ounce.  But to reach the purchasing value in today’s dollar that silver had in 1980, it will have to increase more than nine times!

Another way of putting it is that silver today is only a third what it sold for 4o year ago.  

And it is only about 11 percent of the dollar value it had in 1980.

Oh, and by the way, silver came close to $50 again eight years ago.  It reached $49.80 in 2011.

We think silver is really underpriced today.  Many of our clients agree.

Don’t miss out at these prices!

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