Two Kinds of People


To some of us, it is perfectly understandable why gold and silver are in a bull market and racing higher.

To others, it is a mystery.

In our latest radio spot for RME, I joked that there are two kinds of people in the world:   those who “get” gold… and those who don’t.

And to make matters worse, they tend to marry one another!

The point is that some of the people closest to us don’t understand what we do about fundamental economic reality.  And it’s probably not their fault.

In all my school years I can’t remember anybody really talking much about money and what gives our currency value.  They certainly don’t talk about it in presidential debates.  Quite the opposite.  The candidates almost unanimously know nothing about the production of wealth; they care only about its consumption.  They think they can print more wealth.

Apparently, nobody talked much about money and what gives currency value in their schools either.

If you have a spouse or friend who doesn’t understand the need to own gold, bring them by for conversation.

We know for some people explaining why central banks are panicking, or how perverse and destructive the negative interest rates they have created are, is jumping a little too deep into the conversation.  

We’ve gotten pretty good at explaining why owning gold is more important now than ever.  Even to people who haven’t thought about such things.

So maybe we can help!  Call or visit us. No obligation.