You Always Meant to Buy Gold?


Maybe you’re like a lot of people who always meant to buy gold but never got around to it.

Marketing experts tell us that there are two times that people become especially focused on their affairs, their business, and the opportunities before them.  One of those time is right after the Christmas holidays when people make resolutions for the New Year.

The other time is now.  Right after Labor Day.  Summer is over, beach vacations are becoming memories, and kids are back in school.  Like the New Year, it’s a great time to make changes for the future.

If you, like many people, always meant to protect yourself and your family with gold, but you still have not gotten around to it, this is the time to do so.

You probably already know a lot of important reasons to buy gold. Like its thousands of years of history as the world’s preferred money.

Let us give you one more reason.  It is the unfortunate but unchanging trajectory of American prosperity.

The American middle class is hanging on by its fingernails.  That is a very bad thing, even if you are not a member of the middle class.  That’s because the bulwark of freedom is a robust middle class.

Here are a couple of paragraphs from a recent Wall Street Journal story, as cited by writer Bill Bonner:

The median net worth of households in the middle 20% of income rose 4% in inflation-adjusted terms to $81,900 between 1989 and 2016, from the latest available data. For households in the top 20%, median net worth more than doubled to $811,860. And for the top 1%, the increase was 178% to $11,206,000.

Put differently, the value of assets for all U.S. households increased from 1989 through 2016 by an inflation-adjusted $58 trillion. A third of the gain – $19 trillion – went to the wealthiest 1% according to a Journal analysis of Fed data.

The point is further illustrated by the observation noted by financial journalist Lance Roberts that in 1981 the top 1 percent of US adults earned 27 times what the bottom 50 percent earned.  Today, the top 1 percent earn 81 times what the bottom 50 percent earn.

That explains why there is a socialist juggernaut loose on the land.  It explains whatever traction Elizabeth Maduro Warren and Bernie Fidel Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Chavez have today.  They can thank the Federal Reserve and its fiat dollar for their success.

That’s because the things that are destroying America’s widely-based prosperity are all rooted in a corrupted and manipulated monetary system.  But for the Federal Reserve and the fiat dollar, there would have been no housing bubble, a calamity that saw 10 million Americans lose their homes to foreclosure!  

But for the Fed there would have been no meltdown, no bank bailouts.  Neither Ben Bernanke nor Goldman Sachs alumni in Washington could have stovepiped trillions of taxpayer dollars to the money center banks and to the Wall Street cronies.  But for the funny money system, there would be no $22.5 trillion national debt.  But for central banks, the world would not be bouncing around in an economic house of mirrors based on $15 trillion in negative interest rate debt. 

But for the Fed running the pumps, a third of all the asset value increase over the last 30 years wouldn’t have ended up in the pockets of the top one percent.

Before you read any further, let me note that this is not some screed against the rich.  In fact, we consider it part of our job description to help the rich and everybody else protect their wealth, and to help all of our clients become prosperous, too.  But we can’t defend people who use government connections and political influence for special favors, sweetheart deals, and crony gains.

We just want you to be aware of what has happened over the past few decades.  One more metric:  The Fed has destroyed m lore than 96 percent of the dollar’s purchasing power over the last one hundred years.

The destruction of the dollar, the explosion of debt, and the polarization of wealth are trends in force.   And a trend in force remains a trend in force until something changes it.  There is nothing on the horizon – nothing short of a complete reboot of the monetary system – that will change these trends.

This is a good time to assess our national trajectory as well as your personal trajectory.  Let us show you how gold and silver can help you.  

If you have always thought about owning precious metals, call on us now.  Don’t wait for New Years’ Day to focus on what you have already resolved to do now.  

Don’t wait for higher prices.